About Me

I have always been fond of the night sky and loved learning about the Universe. This passion led to my B.S. degree in physics at Rutgers University. I got very interested in fundamental physics research, and got a Ph.D. in particle physics from Princeton University, as a SCGF Fellow. Afterward, I continued my career as a joint Post-doctoral fellow at UC Berkeley and LBNL. My scientific journey culminated in 17 first-authored publications, spanning topics from theories to experiments, and from particle physics to nuclear physics and astrophysics .

Among my projects, my favorite ones tend to be on the fun and quirky side. This includes looking for new particles called "quirks", contemplating physics on the "Dark" side, and coming up with fun new theoretical models such as "GUTZILLA Dark Matter".

After my post-doc position, I got interested in education, and joined Udacity as an AI content developer. Leveraging my technical skills and my scientific intuitions, I converted cutting-edge academic papers into digestable lessons for students in the Deep Reinforcement Learning NanoDegree at Udacity. I created fun coding exercises for students to learn how to train AI agents to play atari games and tic-tac-toe. Nowadays, I'm continuously learning more about the latest AI developments. I believe that our knowledge in the physical world can help design smarter AI algorithms, and I utilize my physics intuitions everyday for my latest AI projects

My Work

I like to think of work as a reflection of our personalities.

I am a dreamer. I dream about new worlds and how to test them. I dreamed about whether Dark Matter can go through fusion and how we may see them . I dreamed about whether light can fuse into new particles and designed an experiment using the most powerful flashlight on earth to test it .

I am an optimist, I know there is always a better way and strive for it. I found ways to improve jet modelling using maching learning . I improved ways to look for cousins of the Higgs using data-driven modelling . I optimized a coding exercise so students can train an AI to play atari-pong in 45 minutes instead of days.

I am an explorer. I wanted to know how the world really works fundamentally, so I spent over a decade learning particle physics. I found modern biotechnology fascinating so I studied protein docking . I got interested in Machine Learning and AI, and I plunged into the frontiers of Deep Reinforcement Learning, while teaching and advising students along the way.

I enjoy finding new learning opportunities and going out of my comfort zone, and I am excited for new problems and adventures!


In my free time, I enjoy a good physical challenge and exploring new things. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, climbing and traveling (anything outdoors). I also like swing dancing.